Good question!

InterActing is:

Making theater together
Playing together
Learning how to improvise
Learning to deal with the unexpected
Making new friends
Using your imagination.

You can experience all this with other young people just like you
– we all have our own characteristics, and at InterActing we celebrate the wonderful differences that make us unique.

InterActing is so great, because:

There are lots of LOLs

 Our classes are great fun – we will laugh and act together.

 You learn new ways
to use language

You learn new ways to use language: In our improvisation exercises you get to work with your voice, your words and your body. This will help you in your daily life to talk more easily with people.

You are in control

You will move a lot during the lesson and different input will come your way.
With improvisation, you become very flexible and will start to feel more and more in control.

You solve

problems yourself

 You learn that unexpected situations are not that daunting at all,  because you can improvise!

You Expand your imagination

 You can be anything you can imagine on stage. Nothing is crazy or wrong. This will only help to expand your imagination in life too.

You gain more understanding

You can play many different roles!
This means you can experiment and learn to understand yourself and others better.

You build self confidence

We help you how to present yourself and, with that, your self-confidence will grow.

You find ways to
express your feelings

By acting you get to know different emotions in a different way.
You can try everything. And playing together with others means that you will also discover the feelings of your fellow players.

And best of all you make new friends

 Everyone enjoys coming to InterActing. You get to know new people and make friends.

Let's play!

InterAction is a nonprofit theater school and without the help of our donors, we are nothing.

Curious for more?

InterActing is a safe place where we play and have fun together on and off stage. Check out our videos and we hope you want to join our program!