InterActing is a non-profit organization that enhances the social skills and flexibility of teenagers with autism through improvisational theater. The theaterschool is a safe meeting place where participants playfully work on social interactions, while having fun and laughing.

With the basic principles of improvisation theater, Boom Chicago’s professional actors, together with ChildCenter’s supervisors, work with the teenagers. The participants experience how they can collaborate with others and how they can complement each other’s ideas. InterActing focuses on turning scripted behavior into meaningful interaction. InterActing wants to help these young people go from imitation to conversation to improvisation. Best of all, they have a lot of fun, because that is the best way to learn.

You assist Saskia Maas, director Foundation InterActing, with the following tasks:

  • Fund raising and subsidy applications
  • Communication with relevant organizations
  • Organizing open days
  • Organizing the courses
  • Communication with parents and participants
  • Administration
  • Social media and website maintenance
  • Writing newsletters
  • Miscellaneous ad hoc tasks that come in


  • You have a good business sense
  • You are a great organizer, you can keep a good overview and have no trouble with deadlines
  • You work independently and do not need a lot of supervision
  • You have a positive and enthusiastic attitude
  • You have great communication skills, both spoken and written
  • You have affinity with the target audience and theater in general


  • In principle the position is for one day a week or two half days.
  • You work in the office with Saskia on the Rozengracht 117 in Amsterdam, but you can also work from home regularly.
  • The position can grow into a paid job, but for now there is only a small stipend available.