You can learn to improvise

Learning to improvise is not only good for young people with autism,
it is also useful for parents and teachers so they too can deal with unexpected situations with more flexibility.
InterActing also offers programs for schools in special education!
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We focus on young people with autism or other social challenges between the ages of 13 and 24.

A prerequisite is that participants can concentrate for the duration of the class of 75 minutes, as well as understand and follow instructions.

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Our improvisation programs are also available for schools in special education. Learning through play is the key here because obtaining a diploma only really becomes fun if you are also able to have spontaneous and meaningful interactions with the world around you.

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Dealing with young people with autism requires a great deal of flexibility from parents, teachers and support staff. The ability to deal with the unexpected is a key skill you learn through  improvisational theater.

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InterActing is a safe place where we play and have fun together on and off stage. Check out our videos and we hope you want to join our program!